The Smartphone Generation

I have been seeing a lot of posts lately, lamenting the way we behave with the smartphones we have on our hands. Apparently, we have been looking down at our phones so much, we forgot to look up and appreciate the finer things that we have all around us.

We have people commenting that almost everyone on our public transports, are all looking down on this nifty little device – if anyone even bothered to look up and notice. I do not personally with this because I feel that the smartphone is one of the greatest innovation in my generation.

On my train journey to work every morning, I am able to update myself with the latest breaking current affairs happening around the world on Twitter. I would be aware of happenings within my social circle on Facebook. Heck, I would even know in advance if the trusty public transport in my country breaks down somewhere so that I can look for an alternative route.

Through my smartphone, I am able to arrange the next dinner gathering with my friends on WhatsApp group chats. Weather forecast alerts would be able to tell me if I need to keep an umbrella in my bag. Calendar will remind me of the plans I have made for the day.

Feel free to “look up” from your smartphone and look at whatever you want to see, but do not judge me just because I am looking down at such a powerful tool that I hold in my hands.


PushBullet (Android / iOS / Chrome)

PushBullet has been getting a lot of attention lately for it’s useful and practical features. I have been using the app for more than a month and I got to say, this is one of the must-have app on your phone. What this app does is pretty straightforward. It acts as a bridge between your computer and your smartphone.

Firstly, this app has real-time notification mirroring from your smartphone to your computer. Imagine your phone is somewhere in your house while you are watching YouTube videos on your computer and the phone starts ringing, your computer will then display what is showing on your phone.

Be it a phone call or a WhatsApp conversation, this information will be displayed on your computer without you looking at your phone. Sounds confusing? Check out this video to find out more.

Another great feature of this phone is it allows you to send items between your smartphone and computer – with ease. If you have a file / photo / note / link that you want to send between the devices, you can just share them with just a click of the mouse.

So if you want to share a cool YouTube video which you are watching on your computer with your WhatsApp group chat, you can easily send the link over and paste them into your phone’s group chat.

Pushbullet is available for download on Google Play Store / Apple App Store / Chrome Web Store.


Malaysia Airlines MH370

I woke up to a really bad news this morning. 239 souls on that plane – currently missing as of writing. People who were ready to embark on their next adventure, passengers who were going home to their loved ones and the air crew who were making things happen for everyone.

My thoughts are with you, just like your family and friends.

You may visit Wall Street Journal and Asian Correspondent for live coverage updates.


New Olympus PEN

Photo of my old EPL-3 taken with the Olympus PEN E-PL6.

I sold my red Olympus PEN E-PL3 earlier this week, the camera which has been with me since 2012. Although the journey was rather short, it has been with me on a few of my travelling adventures. Thank you for helping me create such beautiful photo memories.


Do expect to see more better looking selfies photos of my adventures in future posts.

Photo of the sexy Olympus PEN E-PL6 taken with my old E-PL3.


The Girl Who Fell

I was at the night market the other day, walking behind a dad and his little daughter while looking at the countless stretch of food stalls – trying to make a decision between that juicy Ramly Burger or that deep-fried crispy chicken cutlet.

The guy in front of me was probably having the same thoughts running in his head too, while holding the hand of his little girl and strolling down. Just at that moment, that little girl tripped and fell.

Almost immediately, the father turned to her and chided his child, “Why you don’t know how to walk properly!?”

For almost fifteen minutes, I was walking behind them and we could have easily taken a few hundred steps throughout this period but all it did was one mistake to be labeled as incompetent.

If we were to apply this theory in our everyday practical life, one mistake would be sufficient to erase the past achievements we might have achieved. The little girl was not praised for walking that few hundred steps, but was immediately condemned when she fell.

People around us only look at our mistakes, we must not forget to see the good things in others. Even if we fall, do not forget to stand up.


Climbing Shanghai Tower

There was a new viral video recently showing two guys climbing to the top of Shanghai Tower during the Chinese New Year break – when all the workers are away for their holidays.

You can read both their experiences on their own respective blogs.
(Vitaliy Raskalov | Vadim Makhorov)

Thank you for making me squirm throughout the five minutes video even though I was on my own bed.

On a side note, Rsakalov was here in Singapore previously and have really cool pictures on his blog post here.